Life Consulting 

Do you struggle with making decisions??

Are you easily distracted??

Are you a procrastinator who lacks follow through??

Do you feel stuck?  

You want to make a change yet you don't know where to begin??

Do you lack support from your family and friends??

Are you unhappy and you don't know how to make the changes needed for you to be happy??

Is your life in disarray?

If you have answered yes to one or more of these questions, you need a 

Life Consultant!

Dr. Alston is a solution-focused Life Consultant/Counselor/ Business Consultant/Recovery Specialist and Therapist . Her approach is collaborative, non-judgmental, empowering and strengths-based.  Dr. Sonya specializes in: 


Providing  guidance and support!

Helping individuals identify goals and desires!

Helping individuals solve their problems!

Helping  individuals uncover and overcome what is stopping them from being happy!

Helping individuals discover their purpose in life!

Creating step-by-step personal growth and business plans!

Teaching new strategies!

Dr. Sonya can help you discover the missing piece to your puzzle!

For a free consultation, call today:


For busy professionals, Video conferencing, FaceTime, email, mobile and telephone appointments are available!